Gifts & Donations

Donated Gifts

Gifts of books, audios, videos, DVDs, and magazines are accepted with the understanding that if they are not added to the collection that they will be placed in the library’s book sale or discarded. The library does not appraise donations for income tax purposes but does provide a gift receipt. All donations for collection will be processed and located in the appropriate area as decided upon by the library staff.

Download and Print the Gift Receipt (pdf) >

The Grace M. Pickens Public Library appreciates the donation which you have just made to its collections. The library does not have sufficient staff to provide special handling of gifts. This form serves as an acknowledgement of your gift. In compliance with the federal tax law that went into effect January 1, 1994, stating that all charitable contributions of $250 or more must have written acknowledgement from the qualified organization, this receipt may be used for tax purposes.

All gifts donated to the library become the property of the City of Holdenville and are accepted with the understanding that they may be added to the library’s collection or sold in the libraries book sale if the library determines that the materials are not needed in the library collection.

Selections for addition the library’s collection will be based upon the library’s policies and guidelines. Thank you for your donation; we are pleased that you are interested in the development of the library and its collection.

Monetary Gifts

Library staff will meet with the donor to insure that gift selections, such as Memorial Gifts, are mutually satisfactory. Monetary gifts for the purchase of materials will be accepted with the understanding that the library staff exercises the final responsibility for deciding which titles will be purchased.