Veteran’s Resource Center


It is  important for us to acknowledge , the contributions you have made in protecting and serving us through your service in the military. We are aware of the sacrifices made and suffering experienced by your loved ones and friends. The Grace M. Pickens Public Library in Holdenville would like to provide resources that will help you achieve success. As you have served us, we want to serve you.

Feel free to ask us for any assistance you may need.

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Veterans Crisis Line

National Resource Directory:

Testimonials by veterans, all ages/eras (powerful learning resource):

Directory of Congressionally Certified VSOs:

Directory of County Veteran Service Officers:

Website for Military Spouses & Families:

 Directory of Veteran Support Centers:

One-Stop Guide, Resources for Military Service Members and Families:

Ordering Copy of Military Records:

Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs |

Oklahoma American Legion

Veterans and Addiction