Check Out a Hot Spot

Hotspots are now available to check out at the Holdenville Library, for two weeks at a time.

person using a tablet

Take the Internet with You

We now have mobile hotspots for library card holders.

  • Works anywhere there’s a Sprint singnal (home, around town, on the the road)
  • Connect up to 10 devices at once (phones, tablets, laptops)
  • Connect a 4G LTE (high-speed)service, unlimited data
  • 2-week checkout period

You have to be 18 or over and have a library card in good standing for 1 year or more.

If no one is waiting for a hotspot, you may recheck it. If someone is waiting, it’s a $5 a day late fee.

Plug, cord and hotspot must all be returned in good condition or $25 or a device fee will be charged. Hotspot will be turned off and unusable if 2 days late.

Thank you sponsors!

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University Extension Service Agriculture