You May Qualify for Free Tax Help & Filing

Did you know you can file a free federal and up to three state returns if your income in 2015 was $66,000 or less?

Holdenville Public Library offers assistance with MyFreeTaxes .com website by appointment only.

United Way and H&R Block have combined their efforts to provide free online tax preparation software to everyone who made less than $66,000 last year.

·         Everyone whose household income was less than $66,000 in 2018 is eligible

·         It’s H&R Block’s Premium tax prep product, 100% accuracy guaranteed

·         Free federal and state filing (up to 3 states) are included

·         More forms are included than with any other free product

·         You can file easily either on desktop or mobile

·         Chat, phone, and email assistance from tax professionals is included

·         Life is short, and you shouldn’t have to pay to file your taxes

Call 405-379-3245 make an appointment with Kim at the Holdenville Library for assistance with this website.( We are not licensed to do your taxes for you,but we can assist you with the free website provided by H&RBlock and United Way.You may also access this site on your own at

2020 My Free Taxes Information


  • Free filing for current year returns with AGI of $66,000 or less.
  • One federal return plus up to 3 state returns for no charge.
  • National support is provided for My Free Taxes web link users.

If you are being charged to prepare your federal or state tax return and your income is $60,000 or less, STOP and call 855-698-9435.

Telephone, Chat, and email

Help line:  1-855-My Tx Help (1-855-698-9435)

Support available:

  • Monday through Saturday
  • 10 am – 9 pm
  • email available 24/7
  • January through October 15

You work. Let EITC work for you!

For the last 40 years, Earned Income Tax Credit made life better for millions of workers. You may have extra money waiting for you. If you qualify and claim the credit, it could be as much as $6,242 from the IRS for some workers.

You must have an Electronic Filing PIN

To e-file your tax return or other electronic forms, you must verify your identity – you’ll need an Electronic Filing PIN (IRS).
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